How to submit Squarespace forms to Notion

Integrating Squarespace forms with Notion only takes a minute to set up with a free Notion Monkey account. This guide shows you how.

1. Create your Notion Monkey form

Start by logging into the Notion Monkey dashboard and create a form. Select the Workspace and Notion DB where you want to start saving your data.

Once you've created your form, copy the "Form Action" URL to your clipboard.

2. Build your HTML

To embed a Notion Monkey form in Square space you will need to write the HTML code. You can use something like this as a template to get started.

<form action="Your Notion Monkey form action" method="post"> <label>Your Name: <input type="text" name="Name" required /></label> <label>Your Email: <input type="email" name="Email" required /></label> <input type="hidden" name="Created" value="x-sheetmonkey-current-date-time" /> <input type="submit" value="Sign Up" /> </form>

3. Embed your form in Squarespace

Log into your Squarespace site and click "Add Block" on the section where you want to add your form:

Then in the block list that appears, select the "Code" block:

Finally in your block editor, paste your form HTML that you created in the previous step:

Save your changes and publish your site and your form will be live and connected to Notion.

Hey, that was pretty easy!

Notion Monkey is free to get started. Why not create an account and connect it with a Squarespace form? See for yourself how simple it is to start saving your form data in Notion.

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